pure shock value. the movie. 

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 a film by L.A.'s Furious Theatre:

On a fateful night in the bowels of Hollywood, three Industry bottom-feeders receive the most improbable break when they discover America‚Äôs hippest, edgiest living director floating unconsciously in their apartment complex swimming pool. Faced with what might be the opportunity of a lifetime, they save his life and then decide to force him to watch their movie. What follows is a violent, drug induced, surreal comic journey that takes them into the darkest corner of Hollywood, full of toxic desperation, soul-corroding vanity and as far as possible from Beverly Hills, three-picture deals, and anything else they could have wanted.


"AN IMPRESSIVE FILM with fine acting that comes across as no acting at all." - Kathryn Osenlund Engine28 (NEA Fellows' Newsroom)